You are in business with at least one other person as a partnership.

Our typical work would include:

  • Preparing an income and expenditure account and balance sheet from your records for the partnership business
  • Review your income and expenses making sure they are acceptable to HMRC and that you are claiming what you should to minimise your tax bill
  • Preparing a capital account showing each partners position with the business
  • Partnership self-assessment tax return production
  • Self-assessment tax returns for each partner
  • Submitting the returns to HMRC
  • Notifying the partners of any tax due, with due dates and payment details
  • Up to 30 minutes per annum of 1 to 1 advice via phone or online meeting
  • Regular reminders throughout the year about deadlines
  • An annual pre-year-end planning email for the business
  • An annual pre-tax year-end planning email for the partners.

From £116 per month plus vat.