17 May 2023

File Your Tax Return Now!!

More than 77,500 customers submitted their 2022 to 2023 tax returns on 6 April 2023 according to the HMRC.

The early filing does not mean early payment 
Choosing to file your tax return early does not mean you have to pay HMRC straight away. The 31‌ January deadline for payment remains unchanged.

You have until 31‌ January 2024 to file your return and pay any tax you may owe.

There are many advantages to filing early:

  • find out sooner if you’re owed money
  • pay in instalments to help with your budgeting
  • get help if you can’t pay your Self Assessment tax
  • avoid the stress of last-minute filing
  • keep your accountant happy
  • make sure your payments on account are accurate

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