23 October 2023

Facing the Taxman: What to Expect When HMRC Chooses You for an Investigation

Many businesses dread getting that brown envelope with “HMRC” written on it. It seems to immediately evoke a sense of apprehension before it´s even opened! However, while it can be nerve-wracking, there’s no need to panic. Not if you´ve done everything you can to avoid a tax investigation anyway.

Understanding the ins and outs of the HMRC investigation process can equip you with the confidence to face any tax-related challenges head-on. This guide is designed to provide clarity, ensuring you’re well-prepared should HMRC come knocking on your door.

Stage One: The Initial Contact from HMRC

Receiving a notification from HMRC can be unexpected, but staying calm and informed is key. Investigations can arise from changes in tax returns, new business risks, or routine checks by HMRC. Remember, an investigation doesn’t necessarily mean something’s amiss! 

HMRC often reaches out via letters or emails, but calls are possible too. Just make sure to verify their authenticity if they call. Upon contact, promptly review their requests and gather the necessary documents. Timely responses show your dedication to compliance and help avoid complications or penalties.

Stage Two: The Investigation Process

Here are the typical steps in an HMRC investigation:

Data Gathering

HMRC may request various information, ranging from financial statements to transaction records, to get a clear picture of your tax situation.


If called for an interview, it’s typically a face-to-face discussion about your financial affairs. Stay calm, be honest, and consider having a financial advisor or accountant present.

On-site Visits

HMRC might decide to visit your business premises. Ensure your records are accessible and organised. It’s an opportunity to showcase your compliance and address any queries they might have.

Desk-based Visits

Alternatively, HMRC may opt for a desk-based review, where they assess your records remotely without physically visiting your premises. Ensure all digital records and documents are readily available for electronic submission or review.

Stage Three: Resolution and Outcomes

Every HMRC investigation leads to a resolution. In some cases, HMRC might find everything is in order and will take no action. However, if discrepancies should arise, you could face penalties or be offered a settlement to resolve the issue. 

If you disagree with their findings, you’re not without options. You can negotiate or appeal the decision. Just make sure to seek advice from a tax expert, as it can be invaluable during this stage.

Key Considerations During an Investigation

Maintaining open communication is paramount, it not only facilitates a smoother process but also establishes trust. 

While it’s essential to cooperate, it’s equally crucial to protect your rights and interests. This is where seeking professional help can make a difference. Hiring accountants or tax advisors offers numerous benefits. These experts not only bring their vast knowledge to the table but also provide invaluable guidance, ensuring you navigate the investigation confidently and effectively.

Proactive Measures to Avoid Investigations

Staying compliant with tax regulations is vital, especially if you want to minimise investigations, and this is where a commitment to diligent record-keeping is key! By maintaining accurate and comprehensive financial records, you’re laying a strong foundation for tax compliance. 

Additionally, periodic reviews of financial statements and tax returns can help identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate, further reducing the risk of unwanted scrutiny.

Knowledge is Power

By understanding the process, maintaining transparent communication, and seeking expert guidance, you can face any HMRC inquiry with assurance. Remember, an investigation is not an accusation, but a process. With the right approach and proactive measures, you can navigate this tax labyrinth with confidence, ensuring your business remains compliant and thriving.

Need help?

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